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Episode 34: “Hell Comes to Frogtown”

Welp, this is a weird one, Screenteam. After our last foray in episode 33 on Edge and Lana’s “Interrogation”, the boys all decided to take tiny bit of a break from WWE Studios, and instead treat ourselves to a bit of an acquired taste (but still in spirit of the show). This “critic’s pick” series gets handed off to Corey for a movie where the word “bizarre” is only the beginning — 1989’s Hell Comes To Frogtown, starring the late WWE Hall of Famer, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper.

In the near-future, the world has been decimated due to nuclear warfare, leaving the United States a dystopic, barren wasteland. Humanity is facing a population crisis and only one man, Sam Hell (Piper), can help alleviate that. Sent in to a reservation full of amphibious mutant humanoids to rescue eight fertile human women, Sam is joined by Sandahl Bergman as he shotguns and mugs his way through Frogtown. “Strange” doesn’t even begin to describe this as the boys (with show cinephile, Aaron Weaver, taking the fourth spot) get really philosophical about the various themes of this flick, discover frog puns days removed from watching it, and come to terms that MRA red-pillers will be around for a long, long time. Did we mention that Frogtown mutants have three dicks?

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Did You Know? The “Dance of the Three Snakes” sequence originally called for Spangle (Sandahl Bergman) to be in the nude. Thankfully, after pointing out the contractual agreement saying she wasn’t obligated to, we instead got way more shots of the General Toty’s three wieners. Nice.

Episode 13: “The Day”

A WWE Studios movie without a wrestler?! It’s true, it’s true, and on episode thirteen here at On This Very Screen, Corey Schroeder is back with us as we go in hard on WWE’s post-apocalyptic siege flick, The Day, starring Lost’s Dominic Monaghan, A Knight’s Tale’s Shannyn Sossamasonicon, and X-Men‘s Shawn Ashmore! In this show, the gang discusses proper attire when traversing the wasteland, what happens when your villain is a South African warlord with a Mexican accent, and this movie’s total insistence that sometimes, you just need to murder a child. Did I mention that Marc loves Animorphs

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Did You Know? Though we casually refer to him as “Mohawk” during the show, the somewhat forgettable actor who plays “Father” in this movie is apparently a WWE Studios all-star, having roles in “The Day,” “The Marine 3: Homefront,” and “See No Evil 2.” Fingers crossed he takes over for Triple H in the “Chaperone” franchise later this year.