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Episode 33: “Interrogation”

Cinephile Aaron Weaver is baaaaaaaaack with the boys on this episode of On This Very Screen as we dive head-first into one of the WWE Studios’ more recent offerings — Interrogation, starring WWE’s Edge and Lana.

In this bungled mess of an 24-style action thriller (that should have been a lot better than it was), Edge plays FBI special agent, Lucas Nolan — an expert interrogator assigned to sussing out a layered terror plot from self-professed terrorist, Patrick Sambongui. Filled with enough secrets and betrayals to make even fans of Basic blush, this movie gets the boys talking about what separates a “mind palace” from a “memory house,” their thoughts on the only neo-Nazi bar in Minnesota, and their take on one of the ballsiest twists  ever seen for a movie on this podcast.

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Did You Know? According to IMDB, this movie took eleven days to shoot. Could have fooled us.

Episode 32: “Legendary”

2017 is shooting by like a rocket, ScreenTeam, and thankfully, the boys (minus Paolo) team up with stand-up comic and podcaster, Tirumari Jothi, to discuss one of the more serious movies in WWE Studios’ catalog — the John Cena-starring, high school wrestling drama, Legendary!

In this flick, Devon Graye (Dexter, The Flash) plays Calvin “Cal” Chetley, a bullied bookworm who looks to turn his life around by joining his high school’s wrestling team. Unbeknownst to him, this puts him on a journey that reunites members of his estranged family and enables him to find closure regarding his father’s death. John Cena, playing his brother, is a 28 year-old hermit who takes Cal under his wrestling wing, being a “legendary” high school wrestler, himself. Throughout the episode, the boys explore more of Marc’s weird SVU spider-sense, look back on their awkward high school attempts at strolling down “Boob Boulevard,” and why it’s really important to watch the whole beginning of the movie so you don’t think you’re some genius when you “figure out” something that was clearly established at the start.

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Did You Know? Our guest for this episode, Tirumari Jothi, ALSO runs Super Trashed Bros., a “crowdsourced videogame drinking game broadcasting live from the San Francisco Bay Area.” Tirumari, however, received those reins from prior OTVS guest, O.J. Patterson, who joined us for episode 10 as we saw “No Holds Barred.”

Episode 25: “12 Rounds 3: Lockdown”

Happy Saturday, ScreenTeam! The crew is BACK with episode 25, this time with a review of the incredibly fun (though, very flawed) 2015 Dean Ambrose vehicle, 12 Rounds 3: Lockdown! When disgraced police officer, John Shaw (Ambrose), returns to the force and uncovers a conspiracy, it’s up to him and the twelve rounds in his gun to dispense justice when his corrupt brothers in blue lock down the station. Comedian and writer, Stephen Ku, joins the boys as we delve into the film’s myriad of plotholes (including one that would have cut the movie down to about fifteen minutes), the subject of why the Lunatic Fringe isn’t exactly the best fit for a plucky, likable underdog protagonist, and the boys’ predictions for future installments of the 12 Rounds franchise, including — because, of course — 12 Rounds 12.

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Did You Know? During the movie’s oddly progressive sex scene in the beginning, the song heard in the background mentions none than the “Nature Boy,” himself, Ric Flair! Is anyone seriously surprised? Remember, ladies — none of you can be first, but ONE of you, can be next.

Episode 23: “Scooby-Doo! & WWE: Curse of the Speed Demon!”

Ahoy, ScreenTeam! The boys are back this show to celebrate OTVS’s first birthday with none other than the much-awaited sequel to Scooby-Doo! & WWE: Wrestlemania Mystery — the rip-roaring, goofy as-all-hell ode to WWE Crush Hour, Scooby-Doo & WWE: Curse of the Speed Demon! When the WWE’s newest business venture (Wacky Racers, what?) is threatened  by a vengeful zombie-demon in a souped up monster truck, it’s up to the Undertaker and Mystery Inc. to solve the case and ensure Muscle Moto X doesn’t go the way of the XFL. In this episode, the boys dive headfirst into the film’s never-ending parade of red herrings, the unbelievable amount of references to the first movie, and the most bonkers iteration of the Undertaker ever before seen on screen! Think you know who the bad guy is when the mask comes off? THINK AGAIN!

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Did You Know? This is the last WWE appearance of the “American Dream,” Dusty Rhodes, daddeh, and there won’t be any shitty joke, here. Rock your polka dots for this one, folks.

Episode 22: “The Marine 4: Moving Target”

On this week’s episode of On This Very Screen, the boys are joined in the studio by a very special guest, none other than “Broseph” Joe Brody, himself — the face of wrestling cult phenomenon, Hoodslam AJ Kirsch!  In the first part of the show, AJ and the guys talk about Hoodslam’s beginnings and its recent great run of press (this mini-doc from AJ+ is particularly remarkable), the inspirations behind the “Broseph” Joe Brody character, as well as his current run on Dwayne Johnson’s weekly promo-battle competition, Rock The Promo!  A can’t-miss interview from one of our favorite guests, yet!


But of course, what episode wouldn’t be complete without a review from WWE Studios? This episode, the four of them take on The Marine 4: Moving Target, a feature-length escort mission (yay!) starring Mike “The Miz” Mizanin (reprising his role as Jake Carter from The Marine 3: Homefront), Melissa Roxburgh as the VIP he’s been assigned to protect, and Total Divas’ Summer Rae as… well, a lazily-named sniper who may or may not have been ripped off from Metal Gear Solid V. Are you a fan of never-ending gunfights, whiny female “characters,” and multiple references to the Resident Evil series? This is the show for you!

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Did You Know? We mention it at the end of this episode, but it cannot be ignored that the writer of this movie, Alan B. Mcelroy, has more than a few movies under his belt: the original “Marine,” “The Condemned 2,” “Tekken,” and one of the worst-reviewed movies in cinematic history — “Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever.” The boys’ reactions to this news, you have to hear.

Episode 20: “The Reunion”

“JOHN CENA ON A HORSE” is really all you need to know about the twentieth episode of OTVS, where we review a movie that’s one-part City Slickers one-part Four Brothers, and a little bit of any Mexican drug cartel movie, ever — The Reunion. In this John Cena vehicle (also starring Ethan Embry, Amy Smart, and Boyd Holbrook), four siblings find out their abusive father has died, and — in order to secure $12M from his will, the siblings (okay, really just the brothers, because men and stuff) — have to start a business together and run it for two years. You’d think this movie was a comedy until suddenly it turns into an action flick involving a nebulous kidnapping  plot featuring the most unlikable victim in cinematic history, a Gary Stu character for the ages, and the least likely criminal mastermind this side of Heat. There are twists abound in this glorious trainwreck of a flick, and you won’t believe how we go about it during the recommendations and subsequent face turn/heel turn.

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Did You Know? In this episode, Marc brings up Ethan Embry as T.B. Player from “That Thing You Do,” who — in that movie — talks about shaking Hass’ hand from the TV show, “Bonanza.” In “The Reunion,” Embry goes on to describe John Cena as Hass. Coincidence, or incredibly lame Easter egg? You be the judge.

NEWS: “The Marine 5: Battleground” is a GO!


From WWE.com:

“The Miz returns as Jake Carter, an ex-Marine who served in the Middle East and is now saving civilian lives stateside as an EMT. After responding to an emergency call in an abandoned parking lot, Carter finds himself protecting an injured man from a ruthless biker gang. With the odds stacked against him, Carter utilizes his unique Marine skills to stop the bikers’ rampage before any more innocent blood is shed.”

AND it’s got the Social Outcasts? SIGN US UP!

Episode 09: “The Marine 3: Homefront”

You’ve dialed into episode nine of On This Very Screen, where the gang trades in Paolo (on a much deserved vacation) for returning special guest and OTVS ringer, Corey Schroeder, in our own “Tribute to the Troops” — The Marine 3: Homefront! Taking the reins from John Cena and Ted Dibiase Jr., Mike “The Miz” Mizanin is on the hunt for his kidnapped sister against, legitimately, the best villain in a WWE Studios film to date — NEAL MCDONOUGH! You ready for irredeemable millennials, the worst siege ever caught on film, and big bads with a thousand percent more likability and sympathy than their heroic counterparts?  Then,  hoo-goddamn-rah — this is the movie for you!

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Did You Know? In a twist that I can only attribute to internet trolls on Wikipedia, the original lead for the third “Marine” entry was apparently set for — get this — BOB HOLLY.  Okay, that’s it. The only thing worse than a WWE film starring Hardcore Holly, is the fact we didn’t get a WWE film starring Hardcore Holly.

Episode 01: “The Marine”

The story of The Marine is essentially a story of not getting what you want… and then, not getting the thing you wanted after that. You see, the titular marine role was originally offered to “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, who parted ways with WWE in 2004 before production began. Soon after, the role was awarded to “The Viper,” Randy Orton, whose own personal experience with the US Marine Corps (a “bad conduct discharge,” specifically) made way for for budding superstar, John Cena, to take the role instead .

A similar story goes for the lead villain character of Rome, which was originally offered to Al Pacino, who refused due to the low salary. Ray Liotta was considered before Terminator 2’s Robert Patrick getting the role. Despite getting made in 2004, the film didn’t see the light of day until 2006, though thankfully, the military theme was still heavily resonant as the U.S. was still balls-deep in “The Iraq War 2: I Rock Harder.”

It’s a shame the movie what this movie could have been, when — in reality — it’s John Cena running around in the woods, trying to find his wife (Nip/Tuck’s Kelly Carlson). If only they’d just marketed that.

Did You Know? To film this movie in 2004, John Cena had to be written out of WWE storylines. The angle? His stabbing at a nightclub by the bodyguard of WWE superstar, Carlito. Charges have yet to be filed.