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Episode 18: “The Condemned 2”

Ahoy, ScreenTeam! Before Marc gets his sailor suit back on for his second Backstreet Boys cruise next week, the OTVS crew (along with special guest, stand-up comic Dash Kwiatkowski, in his second review) returns with a hilarious breakdown of WWE’s latest Randy Orton offering, The Condemned 2! A sequel to the Stone Cole Steve Austin-led murderthon-in-the-jungle, The Condemned 2 sees Will Tanner (Orton) as a reformed bounty hunter bail enforcer pursued by his former team as the country’s bloodthirsty elite gamble on his survival. In this episode, the gang pulls the curtain back on the rough and tumble world of “bail enforcement,” how to properly react when all your friends are trying to kill you, and a wildly funny look into the daily lives of employees at a struggling murder-table factory (it’ll make sense, trust me).

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Did You Know? Long-time Abrigo favorite, Eric Roberts, is no stranger to movies starring professional wrestlers. He was in “The Expendables” with Stone Cold Steve Austin, “The Dark Knight,” with Tiny “Zeus” Lister, and “Dead Or Alive” with Kevin Nash doing his best impression of Hulk “Who?” Hogan.

Contest: Win A Copy of “WWE 2K16!”


Think you’ve got what it takes to raise some hell with Stone Cold Steve Austin and the rest of the WWE/NXT roster? Then, here’s your chance to win a FREE copy of WWE 2K16 for either major next-gen console — courtesy of On This Very Screen!

As mentioned in our last episode,  we’re asking the ScreenTeam to pitch us a WWE film in two paragraphs or less using these parameters:

  • Genre: Cyber-thriller (think The Net or Enemy Of The State)
  • WWE Superstar: R-Truth.
  • Hollywood Actor: Ashton Kutcher.

Will R-Truth be our cat-saving, hacker protagonist, or the cigar-chomping lead investigator hunting down the Kutch? Is Ashton Kutcher a Swedish assassin sent to terminate the former K-Kwik, or the snarky sidekick with a speech impediment?  Everything title, plot, and character-wise will be up to you, so e-mail  your synopsis to us at otvs.show@gmail.com, or send us a private message on on Facebook, and we’ll pick our favorite treatment and announce the winner in a future episode!

Deadline is January 16th, 2016 — jump on it, ’cause Marc, Paolo, and Annie said so!

Episode 06: “The Condemned”

Swaggering into the spotlight of On This Very Screen’s sixth episode is the Texas Rattlesnake, himself, Stone Cold Steve Austin, with rated-R action-thriller, The Condemned! Are you a fan of heavy-handed social commentary? Plodding fight scenes? Rob Hoffman from f*cking Suits?! Then you’ve hit the jackpot as the gang is joined by stand-up comedian, Dash Kwiatkowski, to discuss squandered death scenes,  the movie’s unhealthy fascination with sexual assault, and what happens when characters are literally more developed on your Wiki page than in the actual film.  Buckle up, ’cause this one’s an absolute riot!

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Did You Know? Bah Gawd, Stone Cold wasn’t originally cast as main protagonist, Jack Conrad, but rather British SAS agent-turned-psychopath, Ewan McStarley. Yeah. The Vinnie Jones character. Christ, almighty, what we would do to hear the “Austin 3:16” quote in an English accent…