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Episode 27: “No One Lives”

Happy Halloween, ScreenTeam! Or should I say “Scream Team” (eat a dick, Abrigo)? For the second part of our Halloween double-shot, we here at OTVS keep it to the usual Musketeers to dive into the cinematic bloodbath, No One Lives (2012), starring charming, Hollywood leading man Luke Evans, and… “funkasaurus,” Brodus Clay! Now, with a title like No One Lives, you shouldn’t be surprised this flick is a full-on 78-minute gore bonanza that centers on a group of robbers who kidnaps a wealthy couple, only to find out that one of them (Evans) isn’t exactly as helpless as he looks. In this admittedly chaotic episode, the boys talk Halloween plans, compare Evans’ “Driver” protagonist to the Doctor, and absolutely gush about a scene where a certain someone is literally worn as a meat suit — and we ain’t talking Lady Gaga.

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Did You Know? This movie was directed was Ryuhei Kitamura, the man behind 2008 cult horror flick, “Midnight Meat Train” starring Bradley Cooper, Vinny Jones, and Leslie Bibb. No joke, here, folks — that’s a totally badass movie that you gotta check out, like, yesterday.


Episode 24: “Barricade”

In the Kiefer Sutherland episode of On This Very Screen, the boys celebrate Paolo’s 30th birthday by unpacking WWE Studios’ first non-Superstarred feature film that totally isn’t The Shining — the horror-mystery-thriller, Barricade (2012)! Starring the curiously-cast Eric McCormack of Will and Grace fame, this flicks tells the tale of a widowed single father who’s haunted by the ghosts of his past after taking his kids up to a desolate snowy mountain cabin. In the review, the boys (joined by very funny stand-up comedian, Mean Dave) are divided by the movie’s refreshingly bold (and arguably unfocused) approach to both screenwriting and editing, while still having quite the thoughtful discussion about what makes an effective horror movie. Later on, they recast Eric McCormack in the lead role with WWE Superstars, and read off a hilarious “face turn/heel turn” review from the edgiest youth ministry teacher in America.

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Did You Know? The director of this movie also helmed 2006’s zombie satire, “Fido,” starring Billy Connelly, who — according to Marc — may or may not have been a part of “Montell Python.”

BONUS: “Countdown” Commentary



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It’s here, folks! Recorded just before we reviewed Countdown last week, the OTVS team and James Kincaid from the Best Damn Nerd Show tracked our real-time reactions to this cinematic facepalm. Now, obviously, this bonus show won’t make much sense unless you’ve got the movie in front of you, so click the links above and see if you can find when this moment happens:

Episode 17: “Countdown”

On This Very Screen is here to show the world (here to show the world) when the gang teams up with The Best Damn Nerd Show’s James Kincaid to review WWE’s newest release, Countdown! The completely-bonkers trailer for WWE superstar Dolph Ziggler’s race-against-time thriller set the internet wrestling community on fire a month ago, and we jumped into the studio to not only record an episode, but a separate OTVS-style (i.e., crazy as all hell) commentary to be released next week as a bonus podcast for all our listeners on the ScreenTeam! Does this movie live up to the batshit campiness advertised in the trailer? How do WWE Hall of Famer, Isaac Yankem, and fellow WWE Studios alum, Katherine Isabelle, measure up in a non-See No Evil related role? And perhaps most importantly… what is this movie about, again? All this and more will be answered (hopefully) in episode seventeen!

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Did You Know? Internet wrestling darling, Dolph Ziggler, is not only known for his wicked ability to sell, but his ability to sling jokes as well. Keep an eye out for his stand-up on the L.A. comedy scene, in between his wrestling career and copious amounts of athletic sex.

Episode 15: “See No Evil 2”

And we’re back, good people of the OTVS Universe! Pull your blankets in tight, ’cause the WWE Cinematic Universe is returning to some of its horror roots when Jacob Goodnight dusts off his hooks and chains for another go-around in See No Evil 2! In this sequel, Kane trades in an abandoned hotel for a hospital? A morgue? Whatever this place is, the gang (with Annie, in her last show with OTVS — cue sad face) buckles down and discusses what constitutes proper etiquette when working with the dead, the notion of Kane working as a contractor for Taskrabbit, and whether Paolo can have a proper menage a trois if both his body and soul are involved. Sound weird? That’s because it is.

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Did You Know? According to that pesky IMDB, Will’s (Greyston Holt) wardrobe was purposefully designed to mirror Bruce Campbell’s of “Evil Dead,” whereas Tamara’s (Katherine Isabelle) make-up was fashioned after Dakota Block’s from “Planet Terror.” This is to remind you that those were movies that this movie could have been.

Episode 02: “See No Evil”

On this episode of On This Very Screen, the gang takes on WWE’s first horror flick, See No Evil, starring the “big red masturbator,” himself, Kane! From rating the deaths of every Breakfast Club juvenile delinquent you can think of to debating proper shower hygiene in a dilapidated hotel, no stone is left unturned with this surprisingly entertaining entry into the catalog. MAY 19th!

Did You Know? The filming of this movie was one of the main reasons WWE on-screen character, Kane, was asked to remove his mask. Well, that and the whole, “Holy shit, I can’t fucking breathe” thing.