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Episode 27: “No One Lives”

Happy Halloween, ScreenTeam! Or should I say “Scream Team” (eat a dick, Abrigo)? For the second part of our Halloween double-shot, we here at OTVS keep it to the usual Musketeers to dive into the cinematic bloodbath, No One Lives (2012), starring charming, Hollywood leading man Luke Evans, and… “funkasaurus,” Brodus Clay! Now, with a title like No One Lives, you shouldn’t be surprised this flick is a full-on 78-minute gore bonanza that centers on a group of robbers who kidnaps a wealthy couple, only to find out that one of them (Evans) isn’t exactly as helpless as he looks. In this admittedly chaotic episode, the boys talk Halloween plans, compare Evans’ “Driver” protagonist to the Doctor, and absolutely gush about a scene where a certain someone is literally worn as a meat suit — and we ain’t talking Lady Gaga.

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Did You Know? This movie was directed was Ryuhei Kitamura, the man behind 2008 cult horror flick, “Midnight Meat Train” starring Bradley Cooper, Vinny Jones, and Leslie Bibb. No joke, here, folks — that’s a totally badass movie that you gotta check out, like, yesterday.


Episode 02: “See No Evil”

On this episode of On This Very Screen, the gang takes on WWE’s first horror flick, See No Evil, starring the “big red masturbator,” himself, Kane! From rating the deaths of every Breakfast Club juvenile delinquent you can think of to debating proper shower hygiene in a dilapidated hotel, no stone is left unturned with this surprisingly entertaining entry into the catalog. MAY 19th!

Did You Know? The filming of this movie was one of the main reasons WWE on-screen character, Kane, was asked to remove his mask. Well, that and the whole, “Holy shit, I can’t fucking breathe” thing.