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Episode 30: “Jingle All The Way 2”

…is it too early to say, “Merry Christmas?” ScreenTeam, we at On This Very Screen want to apologize for the lack of updates, here. Over the holidays, we ran into some crazy server issues, bad timing with each other’s availability, and generally, just not liking Corey enough to want to do any more episodes. Thankfully, all that’s been figured out now, and we are BACK — in the holiday spirit, no less!

On this episode, the boys (joined by previous guest, Aaron Weaver) take on Jingle All The Way 2, the spiritual sequel to Marc’s favorite holiday movie to star Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad. In this flick, Larry the Cable Guy (yes, that one) plays a happy-go-lucky father competing with his daughter’s new stepfather over who’s going to deliver Christmas’s hottest toy, first. Holiday shenanigans are abound as the boys wax poetic about the importance of literacy, class warfare in Christmas form, and how, exactly, a WWE Studios Christmas movie has anything to do with Law & Order: SVU.

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Did You Know? In the very strange (and perhaps unnecessary) mechanical reindeer competition scene, Claude (played by WWE’s Santino) lasts approximately one second — the same amount of time he lasted in a Royal Rumble. It is also the same amount of time Marc needed to realize he made a grave mistake creating this podcast.

Episode 24: “Barricade”

In the Kiefer Sutherland episode of On This Very Screen, the boys celebrate Paolo’s 30th birthday by unpacking WWE Studios’ first non-Superstarred feature film that totally isn’t The Shining — the horror-mystery-thriller, Barricade (2012)! Starring the curiously-cast Eric McCormack of Will and Grace fame, this flicks tells the tale of a widowed single father who’s haunted by the ghosts of his past after taking his kids up to a desolate snowy mountain cabin. In the review, the boys (joined by very funny stand-up comedian, Mean Dave) are divided by the movie’s refreshingly bold (and arguably unfocused) approach to both screenwriting and editing, while still having quite the thoughtful discussion about what makes an effective horror movie. Later on, they recast Eric McCormack in the lead role with WWE Superstars, and read off a hilarious “face turn/heel turn” review from the edgiest youth ministry teacher in America.

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Did You Know? The director of this movie also helmed 2006’s zombie satire, “Fido,” starring Billy Connelly, who — according to Marc — may or may not have been a part of “Montell Python.”

Episode 11: “Santa’s Little Helper”

‘Tis the season, ScreenTeam, and this holiday, On This Very Screen is proud to review the WWE’s latest attack in its War on Christmas, Santa’s Little Helper! Marc and Annie find themselves opposite Paolo on this flick, but it’s a fun show, nonetheless! Assisted by the apparently hideous North Pole elf, Billie (Nip/Tuck’s AnnaLynne McCord), Dax “The Axe” Ardwick (Miz) finds himself in direct competition with another elf, Eleanor (Paige), over the position of Santa’s own, personal Hand of the King — the “Ho-Ho Ho” (seriously) . Moreover, the gang marvels at the WWE’s attempt at reverse-sexism, the issues of racism and body-shaming plaguing Santa’s workshop,  and an obstacle course set piece with all the excitement and magic of a flailing sea cow. Put down your red Starbucks cups, nerds, and get ready for a real holiday controversy.

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Did You Know?  During the scene with the Miz in the retirement home, we find that the seniors are watching an episode of E!’s “Total Divas” — absolutely confirming the torture many of our senior citizens face at these privatized hell holes.

Preview: “Santa’s Little Helper”

The holidays are here, ScreenTeam, and we at On This Very Screen are celebrating with a Miz-filled Christmas as we saw WWE’s most recent release, Santa’s Little Helper! Multi-cultural elves, horny old women, and a frighteningly psychopathic Santa make up this strangely entertaining flick about dickheads during the Christmas season. You ready to be a ho-ho-ho?