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Episode 31: “The Call”

Salutations, ScreenTeam! The boys are back in the studio (joined once again by their favorite local cinephile, Aaron Weaver) with a look at WWE Studios’ biggest hit to date — The Call (2013), starring Academy freakin’ Award-winning Halle Berry, Academy freakin’ Award-nominated Abigail Breslin, and Academy freakin’ Award-invited Morris Chestnut.

In this surprisingly taut thriller, Halle Berry plays Jordan Turner, a disillusioned 911 emergency services operator who’s in a race against time to save abducted teen Casey (Breslin) from the clutches of a reckless psychopath in WWE Studios MVP, Michael Ecklund. Throughout the episode, the boys explore what it takes to properly conduct a daytime kidnapping, what NOT to do when spontaneously murdering someone at a gas station, and the absolute ACTING CLINIC that WWE superstar/commentator, David Otunga, puts on when Vince “Goddammit” McMahon isn’t yelling in his ear.

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Did You Know? Robert Altman is apparently a very famous director.