Paolo Sambrano

“This is disgusting! They’re staying on-site, they don’t have any clean sheets, they’re pretty much as-is, and she’s taking a shower in this run-down, dilapidated, “tetanus city” hotel? AND she’s letting the water run into her fucking mouth! It was a health hazard, and that is the TRUE horror of ‘See No Evil.'” – Ep. 2: “See No Evil”

Oakland-born-and-raised Paolo Sambrano wrote and performed the solo show “Bi-Poseur” (directed by W. Kamau Bell), is the creator and co-designer of the card game,  “No Benefits,” and is the co-owner/editor of the San Francisco Appeal.

It was only a matter of time before Paolo added “podcaster” to the Rushmore-esque list of things he does. Want more? Follow him @paolo!

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