Episode 21: “Inside Out”

After a short hiatus/summer vacation, the boys are back in the studio to talk about what they’ve done in the last two months as well as review the meandering, though absolutely mesmerizing, crime yarn that is Inside Out (2011), starring Triple H, Michael Rapaport, and Parker Posey. In this flick (that’s otherwise a serious reboot to The Chaperone), the Game stars as AJ, a newly-released ex-con who finds himself caught up in a counterfeit cigarette (yes, cigarettes) racket that slowly begins to pull him back into a life of crime. The boys try to decipher who this movie’s actually supposed to be about, the abject horror of getting shot in the dick (R.I.P., Sylvester), and how we inexplicably try to make WWE movies more complex than they actually are. We also run into one of the biggest left turns we’ve ever seen during our face turn/heel turn segment as one WWE fan is very particular about what he wants to see in his WWE Studios movies.

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Did You Know? Triple H was refreshingly candid in the promotional lead-up to this movie about having to replace Dave “Batista” Bautista in the starring role. Whether this means Dave owes him a favor and will even let him have a sniff of the “Guardians of the Galaxy 2” set remains to be seen.