Episode 20: “The Reunion”

“JOHN CENA ON A HORSE” is really all you need to know about the twentieth episode of OTVS, where we review a movie that’s one-part City Slickers one-part Four Brothers, and a little bit of any Mexican drug cartel movie, ever — The Reunion. In this John Cena vehicle (also starring Ethan Embry, Amy Smart, and Boyd Holbrook), four siblings find out their abusive father has died, and — in order to secure $12M from his will, the siblings (okay, really just the brothers, because men and stuff) — have to start a business together and run it for two years. You’d think this movie was a comedy until suddenly it turns into an action flick involving a nebulous kidnapping  plot featuring the most unlikable victim in cinematic history, a Gary Stu character for the ages, and the least likely criminal mastermind this side of Heat. There are twists abound in this glorious trainwreck of a flick, and you won’t believe how we go about it during the recommendations and subsequent face turn/heel turn.

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Did You Know? In this episode, Marc brings up Ethan Embry as T.B. Player from “That Thing You Do,” who — in that movie — talks about shaking Hass’ hand from the TV show, “Bonanza.” In “The Reunion,” Embry goes on to describe John Cena as Hass. Coincidence, or incredibly lame Easter egg? You be the judge.

PREVIEW: “The Reunion”

and his name is JOHN CENA!

Damn right it is, ScreenTeam, as the OTVS gang is back in the studio for a review of the family… drama? Comedy? Action flick? Well, whatever it is, it exists, and we’ve got one hell of a review for you coming up later this week. Peep the trailer, here, and check it out on Hulu.com if you wanna connect the dots along with us. How many bad guys does this movie have? Who’s a more perfect man than John Cena? And where’d the rest of Ethan Embry’s hairline go?