BONUS: “Countdown” Commentary



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It’s here, folks! Recorded just before we reviewed Countdown last week, the OTVS team and James Kincaid from the Best Damn Nerd Show tracked our real-time reactions to this cinematic facepalm. Now, obviously, this bonus show won’t make much sense unless you’ve got the movie in front of you, so click the links above and see if you can find when this moment happens:

PREVIEW: “The Condemned 2”

While this trailer certainly didn’t come outta nowhere, the gang is gearing up to to review the sequel to Stone Cold Steve Austin’s 2007 action-epic-slash-social-commentary, The Condemned. Does this hold up to the bonkers-ness that was its predecessor, especially with the one and only Randy Orton in the lead role? We’ll see as we trade in a rattlesnake in a jungle for a viper in the desert in The Condemned 2!

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Episode 17: “Countdown”

On This Very Screen is here to show the world (here to show the world) when the gang teams up with The Best Damn Nerd Show’s James Kincaid to review WWE’s newest release, Countdown! The completely-bonkers trailer for WWE superstar Dolph Ziggler’s race-against-time thriller set the internet wrestling community on fire a month ago, and we jumped into the studio to not only record an episode, but a separate OTVS-style (i.e., crazy as all hell) commentary to be released next week as a bonus podcast for all our listeners on the ScreenTeam! Does this movie live up to the batshit campiness advertised in the trailer? How do WWE Hall of Famer, Isaac Yankem, and fellow WWE Studios alum, Katherine Isabelle, measure up in a non-See No Evil related role? And perhaps most importantly… what is this movie about, again? All this and more will be answered (hopefully) in episode seventeen!

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Did You Know? Internet wrestling darling, Dolph Ziggler, is not only known for his wicked ability to sell, but his ability to sling jokes as well. Keep an eye out for his stand-up on the L.A. comedy scene, in between his wrestling career and copious amounts of athletic sex.

NEWS: Seth Rollins and Wesley Snipes to Star in WWE Studios’ “Temple!”



“Temple,” written by Matt Savelloni (“Exile to Babylon”), and directed by John Stockwell (“In The Blood”), follows a team of trained operatives consisting of Snipes, Heche, Annable and Rollins, who find themselves trapped inside an isolated military compound after its artificial intelligence is suddenly shut down — and then begin to experience strange and horrific phenomena.