Preview: “See No Evil 2”

It’s OTVS’s first proper sequel to review when the gang takes on Jacob Goodnight again in last year’s release, See No Evil 2! Will we see any more tetanus showers? Does Kane live up to the legend of his cinematic debut? And what kind of dumbass teenagers will he get to slaughter this time? This show will release in a few days, so keep an eye out (and away from Kane).

Episode 14: “That’s What I Am”

Evening, ScreenTeam! After a week of scheduling snafus and uncooperative editing software, On This Very Screen is BACK with a movie the L.A. Times described as a “captivating and nostalgic coming-of-age dramedy,” and Paolo Sambrano described as “an excuse for a middle school reunion” — That’s What I Am. Starring Hollywood vet, Ed Harris, this oddly unfocused flick takes us back to 1965 where a young eighth-grader befriends a school outcast and learns about dignity and tolerance — all while calling his teacher “a homo.” Once we’re dialed in, the gang takes bets on who this movie is actually trying to follow, Marc recounts his own bullying experiences into a charming anecdote affectionately dubbed “Titty Coins,” and Paolo explains why a movie inspired by true events doesn’t necessarily means it’s entertaining.

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Did You Know? Michael Pavone, writer and director of this film (and producer of eight WWE Studios movies) took over as executive VP of the studio in 2009 after serving as a creative consultant to both WWE’s Raw and Smackdown shows the year before, proving definitively that — with enough hard work — one can fail upward.


Preview: “That’s What I Am”

Happy Friday, ScreenTeam — Marc, here, with another off-week update and preview of the latest episode of On This Very Screen, the saccharine-drenched family film, That’s What I Am. You ready for what happens when the ‘E gets behind a camera to film something that isn’t about the military, the justice system, or homicidal psychopaths? I mean, you’ve got Ed Harris and Randy Orton in the same movie — what can go wrong? Be on the lookout, next week!

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