PREVIEW: “No Holds Barred”

Attention, ScreenTeam! To mark the milestone that is our TENTH episode, the gang will will be getting up close and personal with arguably the O.G. of WWE Studios, the 1989 wrestling classic, No Holds Barred, starring none other than Hulk Hogan! The trailer speaks for itself, really, but this show is gonna be a big one as we welcome stand-up comedian, OJ Patterson, as well as unveil a new contest just for all you wonderful listeners. Wanna snag a copy of WWE 2K16 right after Thanksgiving? Then, listen for your chance to win!

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Episode 09: “The Marine 3: Homefront”

You’ve dialed into episode nine of On This Very Screen, where the gang trades in Paolo (on a much deserved vacation) for returning special guest and OTVS ringer, Corey Schroeder, in our own “Tribute to the Troops” — The Marine 3: Homefront! Taking the reins from John Cena and Ted Dibiase Jr., Mike “The Miz” Mizanin is on the hunt for his kidnapped sister against, legitimately, the best villain in a WWE Studios film to date — NEAL MCDONOUGH! You ready for irredeemable millennials, the worst siege ever caught on film, and big bads with a thousand percent more likability and sympathy than their heroic counterparts?  Then,  hoo-goddamn-rah — this is the movie for you!

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Did You Know? In a twist that I can only attribute to internet trolls on Wikipedia, the original lead for the third “Marine” entry was apparently set for — get this — BOB HOLLY.  Okay, that’s it. The only thing worse than a WWE film starring Hardcore Holly, is the fact we didn’t get a WWE film starring Hardcore Holly.

PREVIEW: “The Marine 3: Homefront”

We bring you good tidings on this Veterans’ Day, ScreenTeam, as — in another off-week — On This Very Screen brings to you a preview of our latest episode on  WWE Studios’ gift that won’t stop giving, the “Marine” franchise. In the third outing (and yes, we skipped the second one… for now), none other than “the A-lister,” Mike “The Miz” Mizanin is at the helm of another movie aimed to no doubt disappoint and embarrass our nation’s armed forces. Semper fi, bitches, it’s time for another episode of OTVS!

Episode 08: “Bending The Rules”

On the eighth episode of On This Very Screen,  the gang sets its sights on WWE Studios’ trainwreck of a buddy-cop movie, the incomprehensible, tangent-filled labyrinth that is Bending The Rules. Even WITH our favorite kazoo-wielding Canadian on the marquee, Edge,  this movie was B-R-utal to get through — so much so, that we get one of the realest and most heated rants we’ve ever recorded from the returning Annie on misogyny in WWE Studios films. Furthermore, we explore what a buddy-cop movie is supposed to be when it doesn’t have action or comedy, how not to handle the sensitive subject of police corruption and brutality, and most of all, our potentially game-changing theory on New Orleans’ significance within the WWE Cinematic Universe.

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Did You Know? Adam “Edge” Copeland is one of a handful of wrestlers to play non-wrestling roles in film, basic cable (SyFy’s “Haven”), and a major network show (CW’s “The Flash”). No surprise, he’s been shot at in all three roles — no doubt by an incognito Matt Hardy.